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  • copywriter

    May 12, 2024 at 4:19 pm

    Where to place it, you must decide for yourself, there is only one criterion – these are people who can be closest to the purchase, in our case this is a very expensive purchase and Alen’s sales letter is written for people who already realize the value of this mastermind, and not for ordinary people buying courses or involved in marketing.

    In Alain’s group, people spent months reading posts, learning about him, his skills, abilities and knowledge in order to come to the conclusion about the high value of his knowledge.

    Obviously the best place to post it is his FB group as it’s a crowd of people who see great value and most of them can’t afford to pay $20,000 a year.

    You can think about how to get in front of these people without posting a link in his group itself, but in another way where these people can see it

    I personally posted a link in the discord chat of buyers of various other courses, on a closed forum with paid access for downloading paid courses

    It’s just that those people who are interested in marketing and buy courses in group purchases or for 1-10% of their cost are good, but not the most ideal target audience for our group purchase, they simply do not see the full value, and Alen’s sales letter does not show the full value , because his posts in the group did all the work.

    And the reserve is $400 and you may have to pay more every month – this is a lot for them, they are used to buying courses for $30-100. If it was a course for 1-3k then it would make sense.So we won’t attract many such people to cover all the costs of the purchase.

    We need people seriously interested in Alen and his knowledge, who got to know him well and realized his full value.

    The Red Skull’s proposed bonuses are a good idea and will attract a few participants in the future, but this alone will not move the needle much

    So you can build on this and think about where it is most likely to place a link to advertise and so that it is definitely seen by those people who know Alen and see all the value; if it doesn’t work out, then those who constantly buy various other courses.

    As Alen constantly says, he teaches us to think, this is not about templates, ready-made models and processes, so think about it, we are marketers and we learn this.

    Hope this helps you.