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  • copywriter

    May 12, 2024 at 1:58 pm

    Friends, we have very little left, only 1 participant for the group purchase to take place, we also need to attract 3 new participants every month so that we do not need to pay additionally every month.

    I suggest that each participant in this purchase take a link to this group purchase and find places where there are the most potential participants to participate and leave a link there; 3-5 placements will be enough for each of us to do this.

    I already did this a few days ago and will do it again.

    Obviously, the best place to attract people to our group purchase is Alen’s group on FB, if someone has the opportunity to post a link to our purchase there, it would be ideal, especially since they already know about our plans and our group purchase is in Google search is no longer displayed; Alen’s team filed a complaint against her.

    Perhaps you have another FB account that was registered 6 months ago and on his behalf write to Alen in the group, decide for yourself

    The main thing we need to do is help the RedSkull with advertising, he is probably busy with his important business right now and does not have the opportunity to advertise.

    We have a group purchase for the mastermind group, which is very expensive, this is not a $1000 course, and this makes it difficult for people to see the real value of this material, which means we need to advertise in front of the eyes of those who ALREADY see this value BUT cannot afford to buy from Alen

    So I ask you to contribute to the promotion, it would be ideal if someone manages to place the link in front of the members of Alen’s group, if this is not possible, then in front of people who are already buying group purchases of other authors, or in places where people interested in marketing gather and any similar resources

    Let’s do it and achieve the goal. Thanks for understanding.