Create Your Own Group Buy For Any Course You're Interested In!

RedSkull here, Founder of EasyGroupBuys Community…

I’ve decided to give you the ability to create your own group buys for the courses you and your friends or acquaintances are interested in…

…and before you think of it, it’s completely free of charge and with NO LIMITATIONS. At least for now.

If you’re part of the hundreds who asked for this…keep reading.

So how does it work?

I’ve made it as simple as possible, you only need to fill out the form below, but most importantly, to be a member of this community first, so if you’re not, you will need to register and then come back here.

What would filling out the form exactly do?

1- Confirmation: An email will be sent to your email address and a message from me here in the community, this is a pat on your back you’re on the right track.

I’ll also include a link to your community discussion & Private group for your convenience.

2- Private Group: a private group with live chat features will be created and you will be assigned as the organizer.

This is the most important component, because it will allow you to invite other people to join your group buy, and you will have your own private chat with all of your participants.

So the number of people inside your group is the number of participants who want the same course.

Sometimes you will need to discuss the future of your group buy…

…Say there are 7 members, and the group buy needs 10…

you may want to ask the participants if they want to pay extra or if some members can afford to pay extra…

…Say you or someone else can take 2 spots and get the group buy done and so on and so forth.

the private chat is where you can do this.

Note: Keep in mind that I’m participating in any group buy you create, which means I’ll be paying the pledge like everyone else.

Your Private Group

Send messages to all participants

3- Community Discussion: this is the second component, a public community discussion will be published for your group buy, this is where you get exposure for your group buy.

…Community members will be able to see it, and search engines will index it. Basically, anyone all over the world.


Your Group Buy public community discussion

Finally, you created the group buy, and your friends are inside the private group and you’re ready to go, what now?

That’s where I step in, I’ll already be part of your private group and I’ll be seeing how things are going…

When you guys are all set:

  1. I’ll send everyone the payment link.
  2. Purchase the course.
  3. Download everything.
  4. Send each participant his/her link to access the course.

That’s all, I’ll be monitoring everything and improving this system over time.

-More Power to you


P.S. Feel free to shoot me a message here if you have any questions.