Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Every detail and question about our website is explained below!

General Questions

Firstly, you need to know that we have 100% secure payment options like Stripe and PayPal which both offer full refunds so you don’t have to worry about that.

Secondly, You can ask us for content proof, we will send you screenshots of the course content, sample video links, and everything you need to make your concerns disappear.
The group buy works like this:

People are interested in one course that costs $1000

Firstly, we collect Those people’s emails

when we collect 30 members interested in the same course, we then send them a $33.30 payment link 

after we collect 70% of the course money, in this case, $700 we pay the rest from our own money and purchase the course

then we download the course from its platform including all the pdfs and texts…etc, upload it to

then email each person his download link.

so that every participant got the $1000 course for $33 only. 
It’s simply the process of collecting money from different people who’re interested in the same product.
Yes, you definitely need one to be able to contribute in the group buys, access the content.
Let’s say we’re going to make a group buy for
“X course”, it’s price is $600, we will see how many people are interested in this course then divide the course price between them, if 60 people are interested in this group buy (they’re called pledgers) each will pay $10 and once we reach $600 we will purchase the course, download it’s content and send the download links to the pledgers who paid. 
We always buy our courses from the original sales page which means we will have access to any future updates, bonuses.
It depends on how soon we will collect the money but this particular process will not take longer than 5 days.
If you said you’re interested in a group buy then decided to quit “BEFORE” we start the process of collecting money, it’s totally fine, BUT. if we reached the number of pledgers needed and you received the payment link and didn’t pay, you will be BANNED. Since it’s affecting every  member interested in the group buy.
These are courses that were already organized as a group buy before that you can just pay and receive the course instantly without having to wait, but not all of the courses will be available for instant delivery, we can say 30% of the group buys will be available.

It’s basically group buys with high security, which will force us to only take the minimum number of  pledgers, for example only 10 people are needed for “X” course group buy, that’s it.  none else will be able to join the group buy nor access the course in the future.

If we collected over 70% of any course we need but couldn’t have enough pledgers for the full price the administration will pay the rest of the money and purchase the course without any extra money added on the pledgers side.

Yes, you can share it with your friends, BUT. if you or any of your friends shared our courses or re-sold them to other websites, communities, you will be permanently banned since this will affect our community security. every course is marked, we will find whoever does that.

Pretty simple, fill the forum here
if your request was approved, you will send us the course then you will give you access to the course you need 

We are trusted by more than 10,000 member!

We started our journey at a discord server, around 10 members, with small group buys from resellers but, now.  We are able to purchase our own copy of courses from the original sellers!

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