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This group buy was originally published for the Crossroads December Summit, But it Also includes access to:

  • 1 Month Access Copy ChiefWhich is enough to get all the courses
  • 1 Month Access to the suite of A-List trainings, including the Copywriting “Money Skills” – Which is also enough to get all the suite courses.

These are most student’s main focus so, let’s get going…

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The Most Proven & Predictable Path To A Thriving Career In Direct Response Copywriting Is Through This Door…

Sharpen Your Chops.

Mind-Shifting Copy Training From Copywriting Leaders & Legends

Delivered to you in real time with clear and actionable video trainings – including “battle plan” templates and framework worksheets – so you can implement the most proven tactics immediately.

What’s unique about our trainings is that they are based on RESULTS. Meaning, you’re only seeing the stuff that works, based on the proven tests from our members.

Access all your trainings in your personal mobile-friendly Training Dashboard, including:

Included in Copy Chief:

Core Copy Skills

Learn the fundamental skills needed to confidently create any and all pieces of persuasive copy including research, storytelling, and more!

  1. Big Idea Copywriting w/ Todd Brown
  2. The Promise-ability Matrix w/ David Deutsch
  3. How To Find, Study, and Reverse-Engineer Winning Copy Controls w/ April Dykman
  4. The Halbert Research Method w/ Bond Halbert
  5. The Long-Form Sales Letter w/ Henry Bingaman
  6. The Advanced Copy Creation Blueprint w/ Kevin Rogers

Freelancer Skills

As entrepreneurs, there are also fundamental business and marketing challenges we face. That’s why we’ve created a place specifically for the business side of freelancing. Access special “on the job” trainings and chat with professional freelancers to get help managing clients, projects, and business operations. You’ll learn how to launch, grow, and manage your freelance business like a pro.

  1. Establishing C.R.E.D. & Raising your Fees w/ Laura Belgray
  2. 3 Paths For Successful Freelance Copywriting w/ Kevin
  3. Heroic Project Management w/ Abbey Woodcock
  4. Make Sales Your Strength w/ Casey Stanton
  5. The Freelancer’s Journey w/ Rachel Mazza
  6. Landing Your Dream Gig w/ Kevin Rogers
  7. And more!

Copywriting Money Skills

Copywriting “Money Skills” are the skills that directly increase sales for your own products, or make you more in-demand as a freelancer. For business owners, they’re critical components of your funnel that spark a revenue injection. For freelancers, they’re the most in-demand skills business owners need and ask for every day

  1. Email Copywriting w/ Chris Orzechowski
  2. Facebook Ad Copywriting w/ Mike Rinard
  3. Advertorial Pre-sale page Copywriting w/ Rachel Mazza
  4. And more!

Copywriting Crash Course

New to the world of direct response copywriting? This Copywriting Crash Course will help you build and practice your skills quickly so you can confidently deliver great copy that works. At the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to confidently wear the badge of “professional copywriter” – plus a real portfolio with relevant samples that you can show to clients who are looking for copywriters with your new skills.

  1. Copywriting 101 w/ Kevin Rogers
  2. The Sales Letter Research Method w/ Mike Schauer
  3. The 4×6 Copywriting Formula w/ Kevin Rogers
  4. And more!

Guest Experts and Copywriting Legends

Top industry experts and marketing legends teach these exclusive workshops you won’t get anywhere else. You’ll learn from the best in the business like John Carlton, Todd Brown, Laura Belgray, Todd Herman, Dean Jackson, Parris Lampropoulos, David Deutsch, Marcella Allison, and many more

  1. The Depths of Your Buyer’s Mind w/ Parris Lampropoulos
  2. 21 Rules For High-Caliber Copywriting w/ Mike Ward
  3. The Joy of “No” – Creating Boundaries w/ Laura Belgray
  4. Behind The Control w/ Dan Ferrari
  5. Freelancer’s Guide to Million Dollar Webinar Scripts w/ Joel Erway
  6. Deep Dive Sales Page w/ Ryan Levesque
  7. How to Scale Your Business to 7 Figures w/ James Schramko
  8. The 16-Word Sales Letter w/ Evaldo Albuquerque
  9. Tapping Into your Greatest Superpower w/ Marcella Allison
  10. How to easily open conversations and close deals without high-pressure sales tactics or hard-selling w/ Dean Jackson
  11. Rhythm in Writing w/ John Carlton
  12. Personal Branding That Can’t Be Ignored w/ Mike Michalowicz

Plus trainings with other industry-leading experts like Tom Breeze, Keith Krance, David Deutsch, Todd Herman, And more!

If you were to get your hands on all the trainings and collective wisdom of the Copy Chief Training Suite individually…

… you’d likely have to spend upwards of $50,000 and perform YEARS worth of marketing tests across dozens of industries.

But — because it’s now delivered on a brand new and enhanced digital platform and communication system…

… you can now stay on the cutting edge of what makes sales TODAY for less than the price of ONE single copywriting course!

The Copywriting Crossroads Summit December 6–7, 2023

Replays of the 2-day Event + Bonuses

What You Get:

Replays of 2x 6-hour days of hands-on coaching with Kevin Rogers and Rob Tillman

Deep Dives with our special guests and exclusive hiring partners like Rich Schefren, Donnie French, Lukas Resheske, and Chris Haddad


Your personally customized 111 Day Playbook for making 2024 your best year ever in copywriting

Bonus: 30 Days access to Copy Chief, including the #1 Job Board in copywriting

Bonus: 30 Day access to our full suite of A-List trainings, including the Copywriting “Money Skills” that are in highest demand in 2024 (and beyond)


Your Chief: Kevin Rogers

Hi, I’m Kevin Rogers

I opened Copy Chief over 8 years ago so high-level copywriters and marketers could have a private place online (away from the clutter of social media) to share our well-guarded secrets on what works best (and what failed worst), so we could all do better work.​

Since then we’ve served thousands of members at all levels – from true legends of the industry, to eager new converts to the craft looking to score their first client win.​

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