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What does Reforge company do?

Expert-created courses on In-Demand Topics & Provider of career development membership services intended to offer access to various programs across product, growth, engineering and marketing.

Who founded Reforge?

Brian Balfour, Founder and CEO of Reforge on Professional Development for Marketers. Prior to starting Reforge, Brian was the VP of Growth at HubSpot where he worked to establish new lines of business from 2014 to 2016.


Meghan Keaney & Mary Sheehan – Product Marketing: Build influence and demonstrate impact by learning how to repeatedly deliver great products to the market successfully.

Elena Verna & Adam Fishman – Growth Leadership Program:  Being a growth leader is more than executing a growth strategy. Develop skills to manage your team, goals, and career.

Anand Subramani & Jiaona Zhang – Product Management Foundations: Build a foundational understanding of the product manager role, and learn the tools required to succeed as a product manager.

Brian Balfour & Andrew Chen – Growth Series: The most comprehensive overview of the systems and frameworks that form the foundation of successful growth.

Shaun Clowes & Casey Winters – Retention + Engagement: A deep dive on how to understand, measure, and improve retention through activation, engagement, and resurrection.

Elena Verna, Dan Hockenmaier & Patrick Campbell – Monetization + Pricing: A deep dive on the strategies top tech companies use to improve monetization and pricing.

Elena Verna – Experimentation + Testing: A deep dive into creating and executing a strategic experimentation system for breakthrough ideas.

Casey Winters & Kevin Kwok – Advanced Growth Strategy: A step-by-step system to create, analyze, and communicate a compounding growth strategy.

Fareed Mosavat & Casey Winters – Product Strategy: Build, communicate, and execute a cohesive product strategy across feature, growth, scaling, and innovation product work.

Ravi Mehta – Product Leadership: The methods of building high-performance product teams, managing up/down/across, and creating cross-functional influence.

Matt Greenberg & Andy Johns – Scaling Product Delivery: A methodology for product and engineering leaders to ship innovative products at scale.

Behzod Sirjani – User Insights for Product Decisions: Learn to make key product decisions based on a deeper understanding of customers.

Sachin Rekhi – Mastering Product Management: Level up your product management abilities by mastering critical product management tools.

Shaun Clowes & Crystal Widjaja – Data for Product Managers: Unlock your full potential as a product manager by learning to drive impact for the metrics that matter most for your product.

Sachin Rekhi – Finding Product/ Market Fit: Getting to product/market fit isn’t a straight path. Learn a systematic approach to iteration and idea validation to realize your goal.

John Russ & Martina Tam – Marketing Strategy: Drive compounding growth for your organization by learning to define and execute strategies across the marketing domains of brand, product, and growth marketing.

Brittany Bingham & Mark Fiske – Growth Marketing: Build and evolve a growth marketing strategy across a diverse portfolio of channels and strategies to drive meaningful outcomes in your growth model.

Josh Grau, Kira Klaas & Patrick Moran – Brand Marketing: Uplevel your impact on the world of product and growth with the power of brand marketing.

Kiran Akkineni & Stephanie Kwok – Marketing Leadership: Deliver stronger marketing outcomes as your company scales by learning to develop and evolve your team, processes, and relationships.

Harsh Sinha & Bryan Dove – Technical Strategy: Go beyond executing strategy and gain tools to shape strategy, educate peers, and guide the product roadmap to deliver business impact.

Nick Caldwell & Heidi Williams – Engineering Management: Become an effective engineering manager who delivers reliable and impactful output.

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