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  • Community Guidelines and Usage Instructions

    Posted by redskull on September 30, 2023 at 12:51 pm

    Greetings, This post serves as a comprehensive guideline for utilizing the functions provided by the BuddyBoss Platform Pro effectively and responsibly within our community, EasyGroupBuys.

    1. Profiles: Each member is allocated a unique profile. It is crucial to:

    • Make sure to complete your profile with accurate and appropriate information.

    2. Messaging: Private messaging is available for member-to-member communication. Use this feature responsibly:

    • Ensure all communication is respectful, and constructive, and adheres to community norms.
    • Do not spam or harass other members. Violations will result in immediate action.

    3. Discussions & Forums: Discussions can be initiated within specific forums. When creating a discussion:

    • Ensure the discussion is relevant to the associated forum.
    • Maintain a constructive and respectful tone at all times.
    • Adhere to the community guidelines to maintain a harmonious discussion environment.

    4. Group Buys: Group buys are the cornerstone of this community. There are two main aspects:

    Ensure to follow the structured procedure for participating and suggesting group buys and adhere strictly to the guidelines laid out for each.

    Adherence to these guidelines is not negotiable and is essential for maintaining order, respect, and the overall integrity of our community. Violations will be dealt with strictly and may result in expulsion from the community.

    Utilize the platform responsibly, maintain respect and discipline, and contribute constructively to the community’s growth and learning.

    » Keep in mind, EasyGroupBuys is a growing community. I truly appreciate members who engage in conversations, use the community features properly, and help in creating a positive and fruitful learning space. Those who actively contribute and help in developing this community will have my sincere gratitude and lasting support. Every small contribution is valuable, and constructive involvement is key to our shared success.

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