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    Posted by redskull on September 30, 2023 at 12:37 pm

    Greetings, Members.

    I am RedSkull, the administrator of this community. You are here as part of EasyGroupBuys, a platform devoted to the systematic acquisition and dissemination of premium knowledge, through structured group buys of high-value courses.

    This platform operates on the principles of rigor, discipline, and a committed pursuit of knowledge. The intention is to facilitate access to critical learning materials, which are typically not readily available, in an organized and efficient manner.

    Members are expected to adhere to a stringent set of norms:

    • Seek Authenticity: Pursue genuine, verified knowledge and exercise discernment to avoid misinformation.
    • Maintain Focus: Maintain concentration on specific subjects of interest, avoiding the unnecessary accumulation of irrelevant materials.
    • Implement Knowledge: Knowledge must be applied systematically. Active participation, experimentation, and practical implementation are non-negotiable.
    • No Spoon-Feeding: Before seeking assistance, ensure to conduct thorough research on your own. This community values self-reliance and proactive learning.

    Commitment and privacy are the bedrock upon which this community is built. Upholding these values and aligning interactions with the objectives of collective learning and mutual respect are mandatory. Stringent adherence to privacy norms is imperative.

    Entrance and continued participation in this community are conditional upon strict compliance with the established norms and an unwavering commitment to the communal pursuit of knowledge. welcome you to our community with the expectation of disciplined participation, constructive contribution, and steadfast adherence to our principles and values. 


    Keep in mind, EasyGroupBuys is a growing community. I truly appreciate members who engage in conversations, use the community features properly, and help in creating a positive and fruitful learning space. Those who actively contribute and help in developing this community will have my sincere gratitude and lasting support. Every small contribution is valuable, and constructive involvement is key to our shared success.

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  • wiktorjs

    October 12, 2023 at 5:42 pm

    Let’s have a great time together!

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