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Meghan Keaney & Mary Sheehan – Product Marketing: Build influence and demonstrate impact by learning how to repeatedly deliver great products to the market successfully.

Elena Verna & Adam Fishman – Growth Leadership Program:  Being a growth leader is more than executing a growth strategy. Develop skills to manage your team, goals, and career.

Anand Subramani & Jiaona Zhang – Product Management Foundations: Build a foundational understanding of the product manager role, and learn the tools required to succeed as a product manager.

Brian Balfour & Andrew Chen – Growth Series: The most comprehensive overview of the systems and frameworks that form the foundation of successful growth.

Shaun Clowes & Casey Winters – Retention + Engagement: A deep dive on how to understand, measure, and improve retention through activation, engagement, and resurrection.

Elena Verna, Dan Hockenmaier & Patrick Campbell – Monetization + Pricing: A deep dive on the strategies top tech companies use to improve monetization and pricing.

Elena Verna – Experimentation + Testing: A deep dive into creating and executing a strategic experimentation system for breakthrough ideas.

Casey Winters & Kevin Kwok – Advanced Growth Strategy: A step-by-step system to create, analyze, and communicate a compounding growth strategy.

Fareed Mosavat & Casey Winters – Product Strategy: Build, communicate, and execute a cohesive product strategy across feature, growth, scaling, and innovation product work.

Ravi Mehta – Product Leadership: The methods of building high-performance product teams, managing up/down/across, and creating cross-functional influence.

Matt Greenberg & Andy Johns – Scaling Product Delivery: A methodology for product and engineering leaders to ship innovative products at scale.

Behzod Sirjani – User Insights for Product Decisions: Learn to make key product decisions based on a deeper understanding of customers.

Sachin Rekhi – Mastering Product Management: Level up your product management abilities by mastering critical product management tools.

Shaun Clowes & Crystal Widjaja – Data for Product Managers: Unlock your full potential as a product manager by learning to drive impact for the metrics that matter most for your product.

Sachin Rekhi – Finding Product/ Market Fit: Getting to product/market fit isn’t a straight path. Learn a systematic approach to iteration and idea validation to realize your goal.

John Russ & Martina Tam – Marketing Strategy: Drive compounding growth for your organization by learning to define and execute strategies across the marketing domains of brand, product, and growth marketing.

Brittany Bingham & Mark Fiske – Growth Marketing: Build and evolve a growth marketing strategy across a diverse portfolio of channels and strategies to drive meaningful outcomes in your growth model.

Josh Grau, Kira Klaas & Patrick Moran – Brand Marketing: Uplevel your impact on the world of product and growth with the power of brand marketing.

Kiran Akkineni & Stephanie Kwok – Marketing Leadership: Deliver stronger marketing outcomes as your company scales by learning to develop and evolve your team, processes, and relationships.

Harsh Sinha & Bryan Dove – Technical Strategy: Go beyond executing strategy and gain tools to shape strategy, educate peers, and guide the product roadmap to deliver business impact.

Nick Caldwell & Heidi Williams – Engineering Management: Become an effective engineering manager who delivers reliable and impactful output.

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